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FAKO Mountain Race of Hope 2008 

Cultural Week to Spice Mt Cameroon Race of Hope

The Post (Buea)

15 October 2007
By Leocadia Bongben

A cultural week would spice the 2008 Mount Cameroon Race of Hope, the President of the Cameroon Athletic Federation, Ange Sama has revealed.

The project envisages an agro pastoral show, photo exhibition and the projection of a documentary produced by Americans on the race, among other things.

Following the programme, the cultural week would be launched on February 13, followed by Miss Bakweri competition. There would also be cultural animations on different sites such as Bongo Square, Molyko, University Junction and the Molyko Stadium, with free HIV/AIDS screening, amongst others.

While presenting the package for the 13th edition of the Race to the press on October 11, in Yaounde, Ange Sama said he hoped to work in partnership with the Mayor of the Buea Municipality, Charles Mbella Moki, to make the programme successful.

Ange said he would want the mayor to organise a trade fare unlike what obtained last year. He stated that, this year, all the stakeholders would be mobilised to come up with a single fare.

He said the cultural week that has been in the pipeline for close to three years was stalled by technical difficulties.19 countries are already set for the race amongst which are France, Germany, Britain, Nigeria, Congo and Gabon.

The registration deadline for the athletes is January 25, 2008, while prizes for the first, second and third athletes in the Race remain FCFA 3, 2, and 1million respectively. For the relay teams, the first, second and third positions would grab FCFA, 1.5m, 1m, and FCFA 900.000 respectively.

For the youths, FCFA 300.000, FCFA 200.000 and FCFA100.000, is reserved for the first, second and third places. FCFA 1m has equally been set-aside for the veterans.

Ange Sama insisted the need to properly handle the disbursement of the FCFA 10,000 participation fee, which has attracted complaints in the past.

He said about 1000 athletes are expected this year against 680 athletes that participated last year.For the Federation that is seeking ways of sourcing finances, the proposition for Americans to produce a documentary on the Mount Cameroon Race is a measure of opening up to the outside world and to attract sponsors.

Also, the Federation signed a commercial deal with Canal 2 International, still as a means to source for funding.


Moins de quatre mois. C’est le temps qu’il reste aux athlètes rêvant d’affronter les flancs du “ Char des dieux ”. L’ascension du Mont Cameroun, rebaptisée Course de l’Espoir depuis 1996, sera courue le 17 février 2008. L’annonce a été faite par la Fédération camerounaise d’Athlétisme (Fca) au cours d’une conférence de presse à Yaoundé. Les athlètes devront toujours parcourir les 4095 mètres de montée, du Molyko Stadium de Buea au sommet. Et en redescendre suivant le même parcours. Soit “ un parcours d’environ 40 Km en aller et retour ”, selon la Fca.

Les traditionnels 1er, ; 2e et 3e refuges sur le mont seront respectés. Particulièrement pour le seniors. La fédé espère voir le nombre de participants de pays croître. L’objectif est fixé à 1 000 athlètes, venant d’une vingtaine de pays. Le Comité d’organisation (Co) y croit, au regard de la courbe d’évolution. Cent participants en 1973, 195 en 2005 et 680 en 2007. Les primes resteront inchangées. Même si les 300 millions prévus par le budget ne sont pas rassemblés, “ logiquement il ne devrait pas avoir de problème. Parce que dans l’escarcelle, il y a toujours une marge réservée à la participation des athlètes, pour la prime de participation ”, promet le président de la Fca, Ange Sama.


C’est à ces détails que la 28e compétition du genre sera comme les précédentes. Pour le reste, la Fca veut mettre les petits plats dans les grands. La course ne sera pas que sportive. Elle se fera aussi sur le terrain socio-culturel et économique, avec le lancement de “ La semaine culturelle du mont Cameroun ” le 13 février à Buea Town. Un Comice agropastoral est en vue, ainsi que des campagnes de sensibilisation et de dépistage du Vih/Sida, des campagnes de vaccination gratuite, l’élection Miss Bakweri 2008, des jeux divers et des shows télévisés.

Occasion pour la FCA et Canal 2 International de signer une convention de partenariat au cours de la conférence de presse. Le Co mise sur cette convention et les différentes possibilités de communication qu’offre la course pour rallier un maximum d’annonceurs. Ainsi, “ si le Minsep décide par exemple de nous octroyer 150 millions, et que nous avons prévu 300 millions, que ce gap soit couvert par l’apport des entreprises partenaires ”, espère Ange Sama.
Par Edouard TAMBA
Le 23-10-2007


Mount Cameroon Race of Hope 2007:
Winning in Pain and Blood

Racing to the Heavens on Mount Cameroon

By Juliana Ndolo Mbua, Agnes Fonkeng and Ernest Molua

They came, they saw and they ran. Excruciating pain, intense heat and profuse sweat are the harvests in racing up the Chariot of the Gods. Teething through itching and biting cold, scrolling on black ash, swashing through elephant grass on the backdrop of singsongs from colorful birds, the Mount Cameroon Race of Hope is neither for the hopeless or the faint hearted. The ordeal that breathed life at 7.05 am on Sunday, February 18, 2007, in Buea, Cameroon, even the youngest of them all, 12 year old Festus Winkar was inspired to expire his heart beat in conquering West Africa’s tallest peak. Men and women, athletes of all shades endured the evils of the stony track, the threat from untamed wildlife and exhaled all the way to the peak at 4095 meters above sea level, on the chariot of the Gods, where heroes have their names engraved on live elephant tusks and their sweat and saliva watering the rainforest track.
History by 71 year old Atangana Messi as the oldest on the track received no mercy from the Gods of Mount Cameroon. Endurance, will power, determination and assiduity on the tracks determined the winners. The 12th edition separated the men from the boys and the girls from the women. The proud and the manly, the elegant and the beautiful in spirit. The hard-hearted that conquered the duel on the treacherous mountain, and whose names have been enshrined in the annals of history for the February 2007 edition include:

Men (single) (Omnisport Molyko Stadium to Summit)

1. Januarius Bongkimyuy (Prize Money: 3.000.000 FCFA)

2. Mbacham Eric (2.000.000 FCFA)

3. Godlove Gasibwi (1.000.000 FCFA)

Women Single

1. Catherine Ngwang (3.000.000 FCFA)

2. Priscilla Kinyuy (2.000.000 FCFA)

3. Linda Shella (1.000.000 FCFA)

Relay (Omnisport Molyko Stadium to Summit)

1. Northwest province team (Prize money: 1.500.000 FCFA)

2. Rwanda 1 (1.200.000 FCFA)

3. Centre province (900.000 FCFA)

Junior (Molyko Omnisport Molyko Stadium to Hut One)


1. Navtila Nadege Winkar (Prize money: 200.000 FCFA)

2. Kinyuy Nuyverse (150.000 FCFA)

3. Lissette (100.000 FCFA)


1. Sanda Hamadou (Prize money: 200.000 FCFA)

2. Roger Giya (150.000 FCFA)

3. Ernest Bakari (100.000 FCFA)

Veteran Race (Omnisport Stadium Molyko to Upper Farms - Mid Forest)

1. Maurice Nkengfac (Prize money: 500.000 FCFA)

2. Solomon Mbani (participatory reward: 10.000 FCFA)

3. Solomon Nkana (participatory reward: 10.000 FCFA)

Walking Competition (Omnisport Stadium Molyko to Upper Farms)


1. Ousman Loka Nganje (Prize money: 500.000 FCFA)

2. Messi Atangana (participatory reward: 10.000 FCFA)



1. Frida Enanga (Prize money: 500.000 FCFA)

2. Efeti Njie (participatory reward: 10.000 FCFA)

3. Marie Junaya Magdalene (participatory reward: 10.000 FCFA)

Taming the stony beast, money is not the ultimate call, not the sole determinant of success. The Chariot of the Gods remains supreme, standing tall, dwarfing aspirants and the hopeful. Will the gladiators of 2007 come back in 2008 for the ultimate endurance?

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Mount Cameroon
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mount Cameroon is an active volcano in Cameroon near the Gulf of Guinea. Mount Cameroon is also known as Cameroon Mountain or Fako (the name of the higher of its two peaks) or by its native name Mongo ma Ndemi ("Mountain of Greatness").

Location, Recent Eruptions.

The mountain is part of the area of volcanic activity known as the Cameroon Volcanic Line, which also includes Lake Nyos, the site of the 1986 Lake Nyos tragedy. The most recent eruptions occurred on March 28, 1999 and May 28, 2000.

Description and Travellers´ Accounts

Mount Cameroon is one of Africa´s largest volcanoes, rising to 4,040 metres (13,255 ft) above the coast of west Cameroon. It rises from the coast through tropical rainforest to a bare summit which is cold, windy, and occasionally brushed with snow. The massive steep-sided volcano of dominantly basaltic-to-trachybasaltic composition forms a volcanic horst constructed above a basement of Precambrian metamorphic rocks covered with Cretaceous to Quaternary sediments. More than 100 small cinder cones, often fissure-controlled parallel to the long axis of the massive 1,400 km³ (336 mi³) volcano, occur on the flanks and surrounding lowlands. A large satellitic peak, Etinde (also known as Little Mount Cameroon), is located on the southern flank near the coast. Mount Cameroon has the most frequent eruptions of any West African volcanoes.

The first written accounts of volcanic activity could be the one from the Carthaginian Hanno the Navigator, who might have observed the mountain in the 5th century BC. Moderate explosive and effusive eruptions have occurred throughout history from both summit and flank vents. A 1922 eruption on the southwestern flank produced a lava flow that reached the Atlantic coast, and a lava flow from a 1999 south-flank eruption stopped only 200 m (660 ft) from the sea, cutting the coastal highway.

The peak can be reached by hikers, while the annual Mount Cameroon Race of Hope scales the peak in around 4½ hours.

English explorer Mary Kingsley, one of the first Europeans to scale the mountain, recounts her expedition in her 1897 memoir Travels in West Africa.


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